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Enhance the safety and control of your company information, get higher productivity and lower security costs with Cyberbrain.

20 years of experience
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Cyberbrain consulting helps companies to get control and protection of their cybernetic safety environment. We offer solutions for improve processes, tools, and awareness for collaborators. Our mission is to help achieve the highest level of privacy and data security, for a safer environment and effective governance to address cyber risks.

Cybersecurity is everyone's accountability

The increasing digital threats put your reputation and assets at risk. Cyber security has become an issue that goes beyond the IT universe and can severely impact its entire organization. It is common for this topic to be a growing concern among the C-level.

CyberBrain aims to adapt its entire organization to the policies and good security practices. Our goal is to stablish effective governance over security controls capable of mitigating cyber risks and ensuring data privacy. We transcend the IT universe and offer multidisciplinary approaches to deal with the complexity of technological and multicultural environments.

Highly complex IT environments require expertise
as well as broad, coordinated approaches.

CyberBrain brings together what’s best about information security, with methodologies, tools, and several cases in major brands.

Information Security Diagnostics and PenTest.

Get to know and monitor your exposure level. Even though it is impossible to eliminate threats in their entirety, it is essential for your company to know the level of risk it is assuming and take consistent measures to continuously reduce it.

With extensive experience in audits and assessments for information security, CyberBrain maps and tests existing security resources, providing a concrete measurement of your protection and exposure. Count on CyberBrain to evaluate the security quality of its own or third-party solutions.


CyberBrain possesses extensive experience in adapting companies to regulatory requirements, and international standards as much as preparing for certifications:

Governança with Flexibility

Evolve your security processes to face the demands of the market and the growing threats of the digital environment. CyberBrain can help you review, create and establish cybersecurity procedures that meet your challenges.

Furthermore, CyberBrain offers the flexibility your business needs. It is possible to rely on our services for closed scope projects, and flexible scope projects, as well as for continuous monitoring in the CISO as a Service and DPO as Service modality.

Successful Stories


  • Study of the main attack tactics of the industry
  • Technical content for awareness assets
  • Awareness of executives and management
  • Definition of strategy and coordination of campaigns and events
  • Conducting safety lectures and quizzes

Achieved Results

  • Improvement of collaborators’ safety awareness and attitude
  • Decrease in security incidents
  • Increased availability of the technological environment


  • Sox test design and audit evidence of IT and IS
  • Structuring and organization of tests and evidences
  • Coordination of the audit strategy with external and internal auditors
  • Support for auditors

Achieved Results

  • Sox Certification
  • Improvement of the control environment


  • Assessment for PCI gaps diagnostic 
  • Definition of action plans for compliance 
  • Training for executives and collaborators 
  • Support with the preparation and adaptation of the environment
  • Structuring and organization of responses and evidence to PCI DSS requirements 
  • Recommendations report
  • QSAs service support

Achieved Results

  • Compliance cards environment to PCI DSS
  • Improved security in the card data environment


  • Analysis of critical processes and identification of sensitive functions 
  • Matrixes of toxic combinations of function access and operations (SoD) 
  • Sensitive transaction (operations) identification arrays (SAD – Sensitive Access Transaction) 
  • Policies definition of identity and access (IAM – Identity Access Management) 
  • Identification of access security gaps and action plans for solution

Achieved Results

  • Profile adjustments and access to critical system functions 
  • Reduction of the possibility of fraud and information leakage 
  • Control improvement and speed in transactions flow 
  • Business areas with better knowledge of their risks and mitigating control


  • Process mapping and risk analysis of personal data processing
  • Review of the legal bases and protection of personal data according to the LGPD 
  • Training workshop with cases for executives and collaborators 
  • Review of information security processes for personal data protection 
  • Regularization of the use of cookies on company websites 
  • Deployment of service processes for Holders and Regulators (ANPD – National Authority of Data Protection) 
  • Construction of policies and privacy rules 
  • Formulation of information safety specs
  • Definition of support organizational structure to the DPO – Data Protection Officer 
  • Support service about the law through DPO as a Service and CISO as a service

Achieved Results

  • Assistance to LGPD – Law 13,709/2018 
  • Reduction of sanctions risk and negative exposure of the company to the media 
  • Possibility for the company to keep business relations with the European bloc and other countries that require personal data protection 
  • Assistance to the clients’ contractual demands 
  • Increase the company safety information level 
  • Positive image in the marketplace due to the company respect for the elementary privacy principles.
Logo Cyberbrain

CyberBrain was founded by João Carlo Mauro, a cybersecurity specialist with more than 25 years of experience and participation in projects for large companies such as Santander, BankBoston, Itaú, B3, and Citi. He has led several projects to ensure the adequacy of the regulations and standardization, such as SOX, PCI-DSS, ISO27701, ANBIMA e LGPD. 

The CyberBrain staff has extensive experience in several segments, with special expertise in the financial, retail, and energy sectors, being prepared to act in highly complex scenarios.

Methodologies used

João Carlo Mauro, CISM

Cyber Security Area executive with extensive experience in Risk Management, Privacy and Data Protection, IT, Audit, and Internal Controls in the Financial and Consulting areas.

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